Special Thanks to Essy Sol for letting me record in your beautiful home. Thank you for believing in us.

My father Fred, I appreciate you and all of the wonderful support you have given me thus far, thank you for being my biggest fan. I love you.

To my mother Fariba, thank you for all of your generous love and support. I appreciate all of your dedication and love, I am grateful to you.

To John, a wonderful and tenacious stepdad, thank you for always teaching me to believe in myself and never giving up!! I appreciate you. 

I would like to thank Nigel for being a part of the recording process.

I would like to thank Michael P for.... just being you!!

I also would like to thank Firouzeh Ershadi for her talent in photography.

Special thanks to Pete Risi and Dr. Nanaz Pirnia.

Special thanks to my grandmother Mahvash, for always teaching me that "In the garden of life, try to focus more on the roses and not the thorns". I will never forget that.

Special thanks to WEBMOO team for designing this website!