Ever since she was a little girl, Fedora always had a passion for singing. At age 13, she picked up her first acoustic guitar and began to write her own songs and poems.  She attended Hawthorne Elementary School in Beverly Hills and participated in the school choir. It gave her a chance to do what she loved most, sing. She went on to joining the choir in Beverly Hills High School and was involved in their Theatre Arts Program.

Some years later, Fedora re-connected with an old friend and former Beverly High alum, Michael Pourshalimi.  “All I wanted was to have a vocal lesson”, Fedora said, but when I saw he had an entire home recording studio I said to myself, maybe there is more to accomplish here than just vocal classical training”.  Fedora and Michael went on to record high quality songs, cover songs ranging from all different styles: Classical Opera to Gospel Hymns. We have covered songs ranging from the sacred to secular. She went on to perform on the radio, 670 AM KIRN on a segment called “New Generation Live”.

Working with Vocal Coach/ Singer/ Songwriter Michael Pourshalimi, has been a true gift, such a blessing. We worked as a team. His recording studio makes recording music look so easy. It is def a meticulous process. But it was a cozy, comfortable environment. You really felt at home when you record at Michael’s studio. He is a musical genius and of course we both worked hard. Most of my happy memories were in his studio….recording music.

* Fedora is a mezzo- soprano and has had classical opera training, guitar training piano training and keyboard.

* Vocal Influences:  Sarah Brightman, Amy Lee, Tarja Turunen, and Simone Simmons.