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Everyone’s got a story to tell: These are my stories. Stories of devoting to yourself as much as you can, stories of true self love, and inspired by the Art of maintaining true, self - love. 

The true art of maintaining youth, the true art of maintaining you feeling young from the inside/out. 

In this series of blogs, I write as a guideline not only for the readers, but truthfully to myself. 

It’s sort of living a life, it’s living a life that brings honor and value to you, by treating yourself well, your body responds well, from the inside/out. 

And it shows, it shows & it glows. 

Living in Los Angeles, CA, this is no “new” news, but there is much to write about in beauty blogs, here, in my last blog before Summer, 

I think it’s essential and vital to talk about the essentials and vitals in pertaining to what nourishous you. Angelina Jolie has a tattoo written on her body in Latin, it states “Whatever nourishes me, strengthens me”. This is true, as pure as the soul, that needs to be cleansed. My next blog topic is H20, water. 

Spring is here, Summer is around the corner… it’s so important to stay hydrated and to take care of yourself in general. To be okay in the world. 

  • Staying hydrated leads to a better body, how? Flushes your system and rids you of toxicity. 
  • Our bodies need an internal shower, staying hydrated drinking herbal teas, cleaners and water aids in flushing out the bodies system of free radicals. 
  • Drinking water daily rids you of headaches.  Headaches at times can be a form of toxicity in the human body. 
  • Drinking water also helps in keeping the immune system balanced. 
  • Clears skin and makes you look hydrated and younger. 

Healthy advice for the seasons that are ahead!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - Great for the skin.

Just in time for Summer Aloe Vera is used worldwide in cultures, cultures all across the world, for its natural, healing, medicinal, and beauty benefits.

With Summer being right around the corner, it is used to heal burns, and scaly skin from the sun. also heals  of the irritated and swollen skin after taking long, hot showers or soap scum forming on the surface of the skin.

In the Persian culture, we use Aloe Vera- the cooling, healing, medicinal gel on the face as a topical treatment, it is used medicinally and on the entire body. It cools and heals the skin, from sun burn and cracked skin on contact. 

I love, LOVE Aloe Vera and swear by it! Especially this new product that I adore talking about. 

There is a product I used that I highly recommend that is on the market. It is not ALL natural, but Aloe Vera is used as the base of the product. It comes in a package, roughly costs $200.00 on average.  You can find this product online, it is exclusive, not sold in stores. 

The product is called Aloette, I recommend this product as a gift for any female who wants to age gracefully. Very gracefully. It has anti – aging benefits which is another reason I love Aloette.

Aloette has a facial hydrating toner, a gel, and  anti aging creams used for both day & night, they act as toners, and since using the products I’ve seen instant results on my skin, making it supple, smooth, and hydrated, almost a “dewey” look. 

This miracle gel can also be mixed with fragrant toners, such as rose water, or Orange Blossom water. Persian use Orange Blossom water in cooking, and beauty products, mostly as a fragrant, hydrating, and gentle toner that naturally with a cotton ball cleans the skins complexion. 

Summer time is the best time to use these products, not just because they are “in season”, but because it acts as a healer and hydrator from the HOT sun. Best used in summer*~ 

It’s easier to digest all of this material in blog form, bits and pieces to understand how to heal yourself, better yourself, the way you look and enhance your body. LOVE yourself, you are ALL you have. Live your life and treat yourself right.  Treat yourself well with the power of Aloe Vera. 

Aloe Vera juice is an excellent source of hydration and toxin cleanse, which reminds me, 

Staying hydrated everyday is vital and essential for a healthy, balanced, lifestyle, & aging beautifully.  

Hydration, water is the next topic of Fedora's Beauty Blog.

The Health Benefits of Sleep

The importance of sleep and the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. 

 “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. -Benjamin Franklin

This blogpost is inspired by this famous quote of Benjamin Franklin.  

Even the most famous of models, celebrities, doctors, and health enthusiasts alike would say that sleep and having a goodnights sleep is beneficial to longevity and also anti-aging. 

Having enough hours of sleep and waking up in a timely manner, actually proves to naturally balance the natural circadian rhythm of the body. Sleep is necessary, and having a good nights sleep daily contributes to a healthier lifestyle and longevity. 

Personal story, my late grandfather was one of the most, self-loving, disciplined men I have ever met. He never smoked, he NEVER drank, and went for brisk walks everyday. I believe, I truly believed what saved him the most and contributed to his longevity in life is: EARLY TO BED EARLY TO RISE. His discipline of sleep was enviable. When everyone in the family over-slept, or stayed up long hours to watch movies til the early AM, he would be on the clock, in bed by 10 pm and wake up exactly at 6 am on the clock. His circadian rhythm was balanced, he was disciplined all through out his life, in his world, my grandfather came first. His healthy lifestyle contributed to his longevity and memory as well as adequate hours of sleep.

He lived to be over 100, a year passed, and so did he, however he set a healthy example for the rest of us, including myself, especially myself. 

My maternal grandfather was also the same, discipline and self-love were their secrets, their beauty secrets, and I have to thank them for that. 

The great supermodel Naomi Campbell was once interviewed as to how in her age of 50 plus, she has stayed so well in her looks, her body, it shows that she takes very good care of herself. 

Interviewers asked her how she stayed so young, a natural glow, what is her secret? 

-Her greatest secret she said is sunscreen daily AND, a good nights sleep. Cindy Crawford was also interviewed and mentioned that one of her secrets to looking so young, healthy and refreshed is also a “goodnight’s” sleep. 

- Celebrities, models, and scientists can all agree, along with water, exercise, a long and healthy snooze will add to your long, lifespan. 

Sleep is everything, everything comes under the umbrella of sleep. Sleep is what stores, heals, regenergates, emotionally, mentally, physically, balances the body, balances the hormones, when we are asleep and unaware, of our surroundings, body, body spends that time and energy for healing, for restoration, for re-construction, of every tissue, every cell, known and unknown to us. The body has its own dynamic, mechanism, to heal itself sleeps restores much of what needs to be re-stored. 

There is so much to be said about sleep that many book can and have been written, hence the term, “well-rested”, a person who is well rested shows in their skin, their eyes, theier speech,a dn proves, that sleep aids in anti -aging and longevity. 

There is nothing a good nights sleep can’t cure. Sleep is NOT the only remedy, but it’s the remedy. 

To finish off my blog and to convey how important getting a good nights rest IS I will end with this beloved quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Each night, when I go to sleep I DIE,and in the morning, when I wake up, I am re-born”. – Good night, dulces suenos.


Inspired by the Book: 

The Art of Extreme Self Care & other soul-searching, self-nourishing behaviors that enhance your life, naturally. We as people living a fast - paced lifestyle in L.A. forget to take care of ourselves more often than we should and taking care of yourself often breaks the bank, this blog may be a no-brainer to some reading it, but it has personally helped me with my journey and may benefit others who need a reminder!  

These are a series of my first blog posts that may help others on the journey of greater self -care & self -love, naturally, and using natural remedies that don’t break the bank. 

This is the first of a series of blogs that will guide anybody reading this to enhance themselves better and their own lives with self -love and strength. 

For many years, Middle Eastern and Meditteraneans have been using all natural remedies to add flavor and enhance their cooking to make everything taste and smell more fragrant. 

One of the most common and frequently used ingredients in Persian cooking and natural beauty remedies is: Rosewater, rose H20. 

Rosewater is subtly fragrant and is derived from the rose hips and petals of the flower. 

It settles the irritated skin, toner, tones and calms the skin, bringing balance and natural moisture, hydrating, and shrinks the pores. 

If you spray or “dab” rose water with cotton on the face it acts as a facial toner, cleanser, and aids in anti- wrinkle. 

If you mix rose water in the palm of your hand and apply it to your skin, it would help absorb the skin to absorb the face creams and moisturizer better. 

You can also mix a little bit of rosewater with rose oil and apply to the face. 

It works wonders! If done religiously within 30 days you will see results. You can add it to any form of face cream. 

Does NOT need to be diluted with water, you can also add some glycerine to it in a spray bottle and apply daily. 

Before moisturizing. 

Rose water is also a nerve sedative, it is known to calm nerves if taken with water. 

Rose water is hypo -allergenic, calms the nerves, you can mix it with some water, honey, or stevia.  It’s a very cooling, refreshing, summer drink. There are many benefits to rose water, my personal favorite, it refreshes it hydrates, my personal favorite. I highly recommend!!!