Inspired by the Book: 

The Art of Extreme Self Care & other soul-searching, self-nourishing behaviors that enhance your life, naturally. We as people living a fast - paced lifestyle in L.A. forget to take care of ourselves more often than we should and taking care of yourself often breaks the bank, this blog may be a no-brainer to some reading it, but it has personally helped me with my journey and may benefit others who need a reminder!  

These are a series of my first blog posts that may help others on the journey of greater self -care & self -love, naturally, and using natural remedies that don’t break the bank. 

This is the first of a series of blogs that will guide anybody reading this to enhance themselves better and their own lives with self -love and strength. 

For many years, Middle Eastern and Meditteraneans have been using all natural remedies to add flavor and enhance their cooking to make everything taste and smell more fragrant. 

One of the most common and frequently used ingredients in Persian cooking and natural beauty remedies is: Rosewater, rose H20. 

Rosewater is subtly fragrant and is derived from the rose hips and petals of the flower. 

It settles the irritated skin, toner, tones and calms the skin, bringing balance and natural moisture, hydrating, and shrinks the pores. 

If you spray or “dab” rose water with cotton on the face it acts as a facial toner, cleanser, and aids in anti- wrinkle. 

If you mix rose water in the palm of your hand and apply it to your skin, it would help absorb the skin to absorb the face creams and moisturizer better. 

You can also mix a little bit of rosewater with rose oil and apply to the face. 

It works wonders! If done religiously within 30 days you will see results. You can add it to any form of face cream. 

Does NOT need to be diluted with water, you can also add some glycerine to it in a spray bottle and apply daily. 

Before moisturizing. 

Rose water is also a nerve sedative, it is known to calm nerves if taken with water. 

Rose water is hypo -allergenic, calms the nerves, you can mix it with some water, honey, or stevia.  It’s a very cooling, refreshing, summer drink. There are many benefits to rose water, my personal favorite, it refreshes it hydrates, my personal favorite. I highly recommend!!!