Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - Great for the skin.

Just in time for Summer Aloe Vera is used worldwide in cultures, cultures all across the world, for its natural, healing, medicinal, and beauty benefits.

With Summer being right around the corner, it is used to heal burns, and scaly skin from the sun. also heals  of the irritated and swollen skin after taking long, hot showers or soap scum forming on the surface of the skin.

In the Persian culture, we use Aloe Vera- the cooling, healing, medicinal gel on the face as a topical treatment, it is used medicinally and on the entire body. It cools and heals the skin, from sun burn and cracked skin on contact. 

I love, LOVE Aloe Vera and swear by it! Especially this new product that I adore talking about. 

There is a product I used that I highly recommend that is on the market. It is not ALL natural, but Aloe Vera is used as the base of the product. It comes in a package, roughly costs $200.00 on average.  You can find this product online, it is exclusive, not sold in stores. 

The product is called Aloette, I recommend this product as a gift for any female who wants to age gracefully. Very gracefully. It has anti – aging benefits which is another reason I love Aloette.

Aloette has a facial hydrating toner, a gel, and  anti aging creams used for both day & night, they act as toners, and since using the products I’ve seen instant results on my skin, making it supple, smooth, and hydrated, almost a “dewey” look. 

This miracle gel can also be mixed with fragrant toners, such as rose water, or Orange Blossom water. Persian use Orange Blossom water in cooking, and beauty products, mostly as a fragrant, hydrating, and gentle toner that naturally with a cotton ball cleans the skins complexion. 

Summer time is the best time to use these products, not just because they are “in season”, but because it acts as a healer and hydrator from the HOT sun. Best used in summer*~ 

It’s easier to digest all of this material in blog form, bits and pieces to understand how to heal yourself, better yourself, the way you look and enhance your body. LOVE yourself, you are ALL you have. Live your life and treat yourself right.  Treat yourself well with the power of Aloe Vera. 

Aloe Vera juice is an excellent source of hydration and toxin cleanse, which reminds me, 

Staying hydrated everyday is vital and essential for a healthy, balanced, lifestyle, & aging beautifully.  

Hydration, water is the next topic of Fedora's Beauty Blog.