Everyouth... Wave of living water, hydrate. H20, the necessities of hydration

Everyone’s got a story to tell: These are my stories. Stories of devoting to yourself as much as you can, stories of true self love, and inspired by the Art of maintaining true, self - love. 

The true art of maintaining youth, the true art of maintaining you feeling young from the inside/out. 

In this series of blogs, I write as a guideline not only for the readers, but truthfully to myself. 

It’s sort of living a life, it’s living a life that brings honor and value to you, by treating yourself well, your body responds well, from the inside/out. 

And it shows, it shows & it glows. 

Living in Los Angeles, CA, this is no “new” news, but there is much to write about in beauty blogs, here, in my last blog before Summer, 

I think it’s essential and vital to talk about the essentials and vitals in pertaining to what nourishous you. Angelina Jolie has a tattoo written on her body in Latin, it states “Whatever nourishes me, strengthens me”. This is true, as pure as the soul, that needs to be cleansed. My next blog topic is H20, water. 

Spring is here, Summer is around the corner… it’s so important to stay hydrated and to take care of yourself in general. To be okay in the world. 

  • Staying hydrated leads to a better body, how? Flushes your system and rids you of toxicity. 
  • Our bodies need an internal shower, staying hydrated drinking herbal teas, cleaners and water aids in flushing out the bodies system of free radicals. 
  • Drinking water daily rids you of headaches.  Headaches at times can be a form of toxicity in the human body. 
  • Drinking water also helps in keeping the immune system balanced. 
  • Clears skin and makes you look hydrated and younger. 

Healthy advice for the seasons that are ahead!